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JACK´S Ice cream sticks will significantly increase your productivity, Guaranteed!



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The Hélice Bundle Food stick is a piece of milled wood, in  uniform cuts and free from burrs and knots.

Benefits of using Jack Wood Sticks:
• Food Safety System Certificate – Our products are Food Grade ice cream sticks, certified by FSSC 22000.
• Chamfered – Our product (KV) is chamfered and becomes ROUND EDGES. This process is to eliminate Splinters and improve the tolerances (important for Fully Automatic Ice Cream Equipment).
• Precision – Reduction on Down Time at production. Our manufacturing tools and equipment are constant check to guarantee precision to reach our dimension, specification, and quality of the sticks.
• Last long at your inventory – Our products are manufactured under 5% of humidity. This extra process makes our product much more resistant against mold. The benefit is if you leave your wood sticks at inventory for the next season with no risk of getting mold.
• Good Manufacturing Practices – All employees sanitize their hands, ware hair nets and uniforms. Since our product is connected to food, our process is very well controlled to guarantee no contamination. Besides the employee hygiene, all equipment follows sanitization cleaning control system. To prove our contamination efficiency, frequently specific lots are sent to certified laboratories. A SWAB test also is done in our employees and manufacturing equipment. The lab does a microbiological test (Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Coagulase positive, endobacteria), Physic and Chemistry tests (heavy metals and pesticides) and non-allergenic.
• Air Environment Control – We control the quality of the air in our facility. Experience show us that contaminated air can contaminate packaging and products.
• Pest control – Our facility is pest free. We have a strict pest control at our manufactory.
• Audit -All suppliers are often audited to guarantee no contamination
• Social Responsibility Certificate – This certificate checks our environment control of our wastes, employee safety, and employee rights. It approves if the business is conducted lawfully and with integrity.
• Maintenance – All of our equipment, lubricants are food grade.
• Biovigilance and Food Defense Security– All of our premises are security fenced and surveillance 24/7.
• Food Fraud – Our team is trained against frauds all purchased products as a result it guarantees product quality.
• Water treatment – The water used at our facility is recycled
• Sanitary Certificate – This certificate confirms that the good are free from disease or pests(insects), and that products have been prepared in such a way that they reach prescribed standards
• Chemical responsible – There is a chemical professional responsible for all the chemicals used at facility.
• First Job Program – 45 jobs per year are designated for people who are starting their working lives for the first time.
• Wood/Raw Material – 100% of our trees comes from reforestation, it means we help the environment. For every 1 tree cut 4 others are planted to replace it.
• Traceability – We have a traceability control of (raw material, primary and secondary package)
• Recall System – We offer recall in all our products.
• +50 years of experience and Know-how – Over 50 years on business. Family Owned

Employee Benefits:

Day Care
Recreation Association
Food Assistance
Education Incentive Program
Sport Incentive Program
Social Assistance – Offer free housing for poor employee
Special Discounts on Drugstores.
Alcohol rehabilitation program

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in